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Yoot Shoot Teams & Tee times
(subject to change)

Last updated 01/15/2010 11:38 AM

All names listed from left to right.

Friday Tee Time is 1:00pm
Saturday Tee Time is 8:30am

Your designated starting hole for BOTH days is shown below.

Hole #1B
Holes -N- Poles

"No longer the team everyone loves to hate"

Keith "Titanium" Chene, Shelly "King Cobra" Chene, 
Kim "Taylor Made" Gomez & Paul "Mr. Lucky" Gomez

wpe13.jpg (1346 bytes)wpe12.jpg (1328 bytes)wpe11.jpg (1316 bytes)wpe10.jpg (1337 bytes)

Vegas odds 6:1
"With Mr. Lucky's 2003 WWOG Championship in the bag, he will lead his team to the Yoot Cup while capturing his 2003 Grand Slam and Kim "Taylor Made doesn't have to throw the match because she feels sorry for everyone else - a sleeping Dragon has awoken - Watch Out here"

Hole #1A
The "Dreaded" Drunk Drivers 

Your Defending Three-Peat Champions!
The team that (used to) drink(s) the most.

Scott "Hot2Trot" Bass, Ken "Konstant-Tee-Off" Kotenko,
Bill "Shotz" Fenwick & Kris "Tiger" Kotenko

Scott BasswpeC.jpg (1366 bytes)

Vegas odds 10:1
"With the same line-up two years in a row they have jinxed themselves and will finish at the bottom of the pack - NEVER has this team won with the same Line-up...you don't mess with Mother Nature"
Previous drunk drivers per year 95-1 95-2 96-1 96-2  97-1 98-1 99-1 00-1 01-1

Hole #18A
Ben Rots & The Homewreckers
"Is 2003 the year? A new team name!  A Team Determined"

Brad "Louie Kardanko" Gomez, "Big" Ben Bullen, 
Darrin "14 Clubs" Raley & Rick "Shag me Rotten" Rots

wpe6.jpg (1116 bytes)
wpeA.jpg (1133 bytes)

Vegas odds 6:1
"With Big Ben promising to share his Pro-V1's with the rest of the team, and "14 Clubs" promising to decide on which clubs to bring & and which married women to hit on, a top 5 finish is guaranteed...but will it be enough?"

Hole #18B
The Alcoholic Zebras
Straight from the Yukon Jack Distillery!

Rob "The Edge" Roy, Randy "Halfshank" Gomez,
 Dave "Supa Bee" Bemus & Mark "The Hammer" Shuttleworth 

wpe1D.jpg (1240 bytes)

Vegas odds 8:1
"The Money was thrown to the wind this year and "Supa - Bee" makes a long time return to the Yoot to give this team a boost to the cup...Will "Supa Bee" be their Super Weapon???  They are due"

Hole #16
The Bean Counters

"Veteran Yooters ready for any audit and another drink"

Dan "Fullhouse" Felstow, Harold "Haberdasher" Burns, 
Ken "The Bear" Kubiak, Darin "Bottoms Up"" Beaupre

yootpr17.jpg (1183 bytes)yootpr18.jpg (1226 bytes)

Vegas odds 10:1
"These boy's were done in by serious alcohol consumption and a bad streak of luck at the casino...and of course that word "Feltch"???"

Hole #15A
Bobby Blackhole & the Pantyboyz
Lets not even bring up last years scoring debacle !

Jim "Bobby Blackhole" Caruso, Jeff "The Shark" Sharkey,
Jim "TD" Hartfield, Ed "The Lock" Kratz 

Vegas odds 10:1
"With an anger in their belly's from last years apparent win, they will leave no drive unlisted, no scorecard triple checked, no stone unturned and take out their anger on the Yoot Board!"

Hole #15B
Drunk Drivers "too"

Drunk Drivers want-to-be's, want to be hoisten the Cup!

Kevin "The Blade" Kotenko, Gary "Player" Huitson, 
Joe "Begonia" Brinley & Brian "First Blood" Rambow.

wpe1.jpg (1053 bytes)yootpr41.jpg (1155 bytes)

Vegas odds 15:1
"This group has it in them for a good round, but can they do it two days in a row???  Will they raise "First Blood" and signal a change of the Drunk Driver Rule"?"

Hole #6A
Golfers with Big Balls

Your 2002 Yoot Ass Award Winners!

Kevin "Aircraft" Carrier, Karen "Ball" Carrier, 
Terry "Triplet" Dzon & Tina "Porcelain Doll" Dzon

yootpr52.jpg (1336 bytes)yootpr50.jpg (1316 bytes)

Vegas odds 35:1
"Give credit where credit is due, the "Yoot Slingshot" was ingenious even if the score can't be used from it!..the 2003 courses may suit their game well"

Hole #6B
The Duffers
Regrouped for the 2003 season after thongs had no apparent effect on the outcome of their Yoot Finish 

Scott "Duffer" Duffie, Laurie "Muffie" Duffie,
Todd "E.F." Suddon,
Paula "Ulva" Suddon

Vegas odds 50:1
"Reunited to make a run at the cup, this folly foursome have a few tricks up their sleeves and up somewhere else...ahhhh huh....."

Hole #14A
The Beer Whores
Marshmallow toting crew creates some "sticky" situations
Steve "Last Call" Lee, Steve "Jay Are" Lee JR.
Tom "Brokaw" Kovarik & Kevin "It's On Me" Lee

Vegas odds 200:1
"Two players recruited from a top 5 team during free agency makes this team a contender - if they can keep the marshmallows off their grips "

Hole #7B
The Barbers of Seville

"This Barbershop Quartet has been practicing perfect harmony for quite some time"

Marie "Ginsu" Caruso, Joe "Scissorhands" Caruso,
Al "Buzz" Knauber, Janet "Razor" Knauber

Vegas odds 100:1
"Their rendition of Queens Bohemian Rhapsody will take the Yoot Karaoke Cup hands down...how do you hit a golf ball with a Mic. Stand?"

Hole #13
The Manglers

"More turf thrown per capita from this group than any other"

Jimmie "Where's the Bar" Carr, Darren "Divot Devil" Costello, 
Al "Air" Porter, Brian Turke "182"

Vegas odds 200:1
"Keep your heads down and hide behind the nearest tree, divots the size of Rhode Island take to the air and usually go farther than the ball!"

Hole #7A
Troy & The Trojan Horses

"Giving the Drunk Drivers a run for their money as the most alcohol consumed"

Troy "Dr." Dupuis, Mike "Weasel" Wasil, 
Jerry "My Favorite" Martin, Charley "Trojan boy 1" McMillan

Vegas odds 100:1
"Build a still, and they will come"

Hole #12
Tommy & The Tutones

"Please call Jenny at 867-5309 for information on this team"

Tommy "Tutone" Caruso, Steven "The Cooler" Shuler
Ed "Hob" Knauber, Greg "One Hitter" Butkovich

Vegas odds 200:1
"Into their second year, their vision is clear, their minds are made, their direction is set... "Did you guy's see that cart girl!""

Hole #9
The Lickety Splits

"This crew comes from a long background of ice cream cone twisters...if they can keep their hands "Sticky-Free" they may make a run at it"

Ron "Two Scoops" Steffens, Yvonne "Cream Puff" Steffens
Robert "Sticky" Nowicki, Debbie "Tricky" Nowicki

Vegas odds 500:1
"Like Ice Cream, their score depends on the weather, if it is cold their stock goes up, if it is warm all hopes melt in the sun" 

Hole #17
Lulu Lumpkin and the Broken Shaft Boys

"Seedy Mob recruited from the underworld bowels of Kentucky, Ohio & Illinois"

Greg "Bluegrass" Shuttleworth, Mark "M&M" Molea, 
Matt "Hitman" Heil, Renee "Don't call me Lulu" Heil

Vegas odds 50:1
"A disappointing Yoot Rookie appearance has harbored a new desire and sent this crew to the "Mr. Lucky School of Cup Acquisition"

Hole #10A
George & the Jungle

"Yoot Veteran now in his third year,  tries to lead his team through the Jungle"

George "Jungle" Allen, George "Pops" Allen Sr.
Eric "Copperfield" Soboslee, & Dave "Last" Call

Vegas odds 250:1
"You can bring your balls to the Jungle, but you can't bring the Jungle to your balls"

Hole #10B

"Back for their second year slingin' Mud...as dirty as they come"

Nick "The Destroyer" Friedrich, Joe "The Cleaner" Sienkowski 
John "Mudslinger" Marquardt, "Captain" Kurt Smith

Vegas odds 250:1
"They invested their load of Skin money last year at the bar, instead of using it for their R&D budget...a good decision but a real longshot"

Hole #8
The McMullins

"Fresh off the fast food tour, they bring their griddle skills to the green "

Chris "Call me Dave" Thomas, Wendy "Drive Thru" Thomas
Lonnie "Mick" Mullins, Dawn "Twilight" Mullins

Vegas odds 500:1
"Yoot Rookies as team members only able to play at twilight...not suiting this years early t-times "

Hole #14B
3-D Or Not 3-D
"Little is known about this heavily recruited crew... even the Romeo & Juliet team name may be just a ploy "

Jay "Action" Blackson, Mike "The Pionk Panther"
Greg "Don't Ask" Wysocki, Rico "Suave" Bertossi

Vegas odds 350:1
"An unknown makes Vegas nervous, don't wake a sleeping giant"

Hole #11
The Brewers

"Formed from the Beer Whores, they Brew a better batch "

Russ "Fire Water" Presti, Dennis "Hops" Ahrens,
Gary "Malt" Johnson, Harry "Pint" Dayvolt

Vegas odds 150:1
"Just the right combination of Fire water, Hops, & Malt form the perfect Pint...a sleeper "

The Cart girls, Starters, Photographers, 
Hole-In-One Score Verifiers, etc.

Stephanie "Six Pack" Brinley
Lisa "Southern Comfort" Rots, Dawn "Bailey's" Bemus

wpe2.jpg (1266 bytes)

Vegas odds 3,000,000:1
"Difficult to score well without clubs"


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