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About the Yoot Shoot / Board of Directors

Started as just a group of 8 friends in 1990, today the group typically numbers over 100.  The Yoot Shoot is played the first weekend in October every year.  It is a two day event usually ending the golf season for most of the (Michigan) participants.  Special "Skill" requirements during the rounds, highlight what becomes the best golf tournament of the year.

In the beginning the Yoot Shoot was always played on Saturday and Sunday with Friday as the warm-up round.  As the size of the group grew, so did the time it took to organize everything and hand out the awards at the end of the tournament.  After the 2000 Yoot Shoot the Yoot board noticed that a large percentage of people were not staying for the awards as it was late in afternoon Sunday with a few hour drive ahead of them.  This changed in 2001 and the format shifted to Friday and Saturday for the actual Yoot Shoot tournament with Thursday as the warm-up day.  It remains this way through today.

The Yoot Shoot has become tradition for most members and they have started to pass the tradition on to their kin.  To hoist the Yoot Cup is what they seek...their names engraved for generations to come......more



Yoot Shoot



 Your Yoot Shoot Board Of Directors


Paul Gomez: YootCEO, Yoot Czar, Yoot Commander-in-Chief, Yoot 4-Time Champion



Brad Gomez: Director of Weather (retired), Jerky and Yootwear Procurement



Keith Chene: Director of Rules, Protocol and Sponsorship, Yoot 4-Time Champion



Rick Rots: Director of Scoring, Gaming & Long Island Iced Teas



Darrin Raley: Director of Change (Monetary), Alcohol, Security and Settler of Dispute