2018 Rules

Yoot Rules and Talent Hole Explanation



2018 Rule's Page - Preliminary - May Change

DA Official Yoot Shoot Covenants


Section 1.  This will be played in a scramble format.  No Mulligan's!  You swing and miss...you're out…..next person up!   If your team is less than 4 players, you are NOT allowed to take extra shots in place of the missing person.  It is the team’s responsibility to make sure all players will show up to play. (Special Exemptions MAY be allowed by the Yoot Board)


Section 2.  Off the green, balls are to be placed no further than one club length from the chosen ball.  The ball chosen, may be lifted and placed, but you must mark the ball where it lies before lifting the ball.  Ball position may not be improved, (balls in rough/heather must be hit from rough/heather, etc.)  Ball must be played where it lies on the green. 


Section 3.  One (1) throw per nine is allowed. (1 on the front and 1 on back nine)  The throw does NOT count as a stroke (it is a FREE stroke).  The throw can only be taken if your ball is OFF the green. When determined that the throw will be used, all members must throw from the same stroke on the same hole (each person CANNOT use the throw on different holes).  The throw must be hand tossed and may not be projected in any other manner. 


Section 4.  Be sure to use your Official Yoot scorecard, and not the course card.  Up-coming “talent” holes have been marked on your scorecard.   All scores must be entered on this scorecard, and turned in after your round.  Be sure you participate in each one.  Monitor the team behind you.  If your team should “forget” a talent hole, the whole team will be subject to unbearable yoot peer ridicule, and be stripped to their birthday suit, rubbed with honey, rolled in grass & hay, and placed in a cage with a lonely 2-ton Black Rhino!.  Oh...if your team is in contention, you will also have to play the “forgotten” hole on a hole chosen by the Yoot Executive committee or replayed after the round on the same hole.


Section 5.  The highest score on any hole will be 1 over par.  This means if you miss a PAR putt, pick up your ball, leave the green & mark a bogey for your score.  DO NOT putt for bogey,.. it is a “gimmee” and we all want to finish in 4hrs.


Section 6.  On the hole which designates Alternate Team Members to take two shots, this will be for each shot, for the entire hole.  A different person must hit two shots for each stroke.  (ex. First person hit's two drives & rest of team hit's one., Second person hits two iron's, while rest of team hit's one, and so on) Five people always hit for every stroke.


Section 7.  On the "Same Club" hole, each team member may chose a different club, but must use it the entire hole...including the putt. (choose wisely grasshopper)  It is not necessary that every member hit his or her designated club on every shot, but as your attorney, I highly recommend it!  All players do not have to designate their club until they hit it.  (if the first player hits a good shot, the remaining players may select their club when they get to the ball)


Section 8.  For the “Missing Person Hole”, each person (all 4) hits from the tee.  Whoever hit the chosen shot (in this case off the tee), will NOT hit the next shot. The hole is played in this method until the ball is in the cup. Only three people should hit every shot after the drive. (If you use your throw on this hole,  all four players are allowed to throw)


Section 9.  On the "Ol’ Tom Morris" hole, all shots off the tee must be played with the old wood (or designated) driver provided.


Section 10.  On the Freddy “G” Memorial hole, the closest chip shot or approach shot, off the green (must be off green - fringe, fairway or rough only), to the pin is the winner. Use the Marker provided.  (Can be fairway approach or chip, but must be played from off the green WITH a club - NO throw allowed to win prize - a throw can be used, but it will disqualify you from the prize)


Section 11.  On the par 3 “Feast or Famine” hole, all participants that have paid to enter and then land their ball safely on the green (Fringe NOT included) shall mark their name on the provided marker.   These individuals will share the Feast or Famine pot for that day.


Section12.  All Par 3 holes are “Closest to the Pin” holes.  Only balls hit with the first shot from the tee qualify.  If you swing and miss on your first shot, you cannot qualify.  If you beat the present location, add your name and mark the spot with the marker provided.


Section13.  On the Longest Drive hole, the ball MUST be in the fairway on the drive from the tee box.  The one club rule does not apply.  Add your name and mark the spot with the marker provided if you beat the present location. (You Beast!)


Section14. USGA rules are in effect except where noted.  (Including the 14-club rule!)
Common rule infractions and exemptions;

  • No more than 14 clubs in your bag is allowed.  This INCLUDES the putter.
  • All balls on the green must be putted with a club and not “pool cued” (except when required by the rules)
  • Any shots Out of Bounds (OB) will be a loss of stroke AND distance.  (OB will be marked by white stakes and/or listed on the venue scorecard)
  • Lateral hazards (red stakes) – you may drop the ball into play anywhere on line to where the ball last crossed the hazard, no closer to the hole.
  • You are not allowed to ground your club in a hazard (Sand trap or anywhere the ball lies within a red staked area)
  • Yoot (local) Rules WILL allow the use of a laser range finder or GPS for finding yardages if you choose

Section 15.  Two tee shots from each team member must be used during the round.  Par 3’s can be included in this count.  An area has been included on the official scorecard to mark whose tee shot you use.  Mark the initials of the person under the “Drive” column on each hole.  All holes MUST be marked or the team will be disqualified.


Section 16.  The 2-Man Scramble & 2-Man Alternate Shot holes require the 4 man team to break up into two, 2-Man teams.  (The scorecard reflects how the team should be assembled)  The 2-man scramble is to be played with two persons instead of four.  For the 2-Man Alternate shot, determine who will hit the first shot off the tee, then alternate shots until the ball is holed out.  (only one person will be hitting the ball each shot for each 2 person team).  For both of these formats, mark down the best score from your team's (two man teams) on the scorecard. (Note: a throw used on any of these holes must be thrown by ALL team members on the SAME stroke no matter where the two teams lie..each team throws from their location)


Section 17.  For the Piggy Llama Hole, all team members hit the ball from the tee.  ONLY balls that are IN THE FAIRWAY or ON THE GREEN may be chosen for your next shot!  If no balls are in the fairway (or on the green) after all four teammates shoot, you must all RE-SHOOT from the same spot COUNTING the missed shot. (Basically like counting the first shot as a “whiff”)  NOTE: If you choose to use a throw here, you can ONLY throw from a position in the fairway! (You cannot throw from a bunker or rough for instance after all teammates have missed the fairway or green – you would have to throw from the original spot where all teammates MISSED the fairway from.  Piggy Llamas graze the grass close to the ground, something like a fairway… thus you play from where the Piggy Llama grazes.


Section 18.  Ties for the winner of the Yoot Shoot will be determined by hole-by-hole score regression of the last round played.  The tying team’s scores will be compared starting at the lowest handicapped hole to the highest handicapped hole.  (The first team to have a lower score on a particular hole than any of the other tying teams wins)  For example, 3 teams tie. All three shot a score of 4 on the #1 Handicapped hole. (no winner) Two teams shot a score of two, and one team shot a score of 3 on the #2 Handicapped hole (no winner, The team with the score of 3 is out).  One team shot a score of 4, and one team shot a score of 3 on the #3 handicapped hole.  The team that scored 3 wins the Yoot Shoot!


Section 19   The Yoot Scoot Hole!  The tee box for this hole is determined by the score you posted on the PREVIOUS hole.  Move BACK one tee if you scored a Birdie or better.  Move UP one tee if you scored a Bogie or worse.  Stay on the regular tee (listed on the top of the Yoot Scorecard) if you had a par.  Move back to the regular tee after the hole is finished (This is only for this designated hole). Both Men & Women participate. If the women are at the forward-most tee and have to move forward, pace off 25 yds. in front of the forward most tee.   


Section 20   The Mr. Sandman Hole! Any player hitting a shot, with a club, into a bunker gets a FREE shot out of the bunker. (No throwing into bunker allowed)   Only the player hitting the ball into the bunker can play the shot out of the bunker.  The ball being advanced out of the bunker does not count towards the hole score – it is a FREE shot. Throws cannot be used out of the bunker for this shot. 


Section 21   The Putt Putt Goose Hole!  Leave your putters in the bag!  All players are required to ROLL the ball instead of using a putter. (Ball must be rolled in, not dropped in the cup) Player’s feet must be no closer to hole than ball marker. Designate one player as the ‘GOOSE’ for the first person of the group to roll. If the GOOSE (only) makes the first roll, it does NOT count as a stroke! If the first roll is missed, all players (including the goose) then attempt to roll and make the ‘putt’, however, the stroke now counts.  Similar to putting, if all players miss, you would then choose the next best position.