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Hello & Welcome to the

Great Northern Michigan YootShoot 2001 homepage!

map2000.jpg (150575 bytes)

Handwritten map to this years different golf courses


2000 Venues

Sat. October 7th

Sun. October 8th

Friday October 6th




Typical Yoot Swing


2000 FAQ's:


What will be more of a factor on this years Yoot Shoot......... 

The freezing drizzle ass rain/snow mix from hell
The fact that everyone has about 10 layers of clothes on and can't get their normal swing on?

Will the cost of alcohol for the weekend surpass the cost of golfing and lodging?     (YES!!) Will anyone (besides Jimmy) be backing out due to the horrendous weather conditions forecast for this weekend? (Just his team)

Will Jimmy B.O.B. on his fellow Yoots?
(Las Vegas odds: 33:1 that he WILL B.O.B. on something very soon!)  (Actually Jimmy's team bobbed on him!)

Will the Captain (Morgan) launch his Hook into the bowels of Kevin "The blade" Kotenko causing an "uprising by the sea" ? (NO)

Will the 2000 Lemon Wheat brew have actual lemon flavor?  (you can actually taste the lemon)   (YES!!)

Was last years last place finish by the "Golfers With Big Balls" only an ploy for us to totally ignore a run at the cup by them this year?

Will the "Financing Fancy Pants" actually perform to their overblown hype?  (close but no Cup)

Can the "Drunk Drivers Too" live up to their prot�g�'s, while not putting all the pressure on their "ace in the whole", Gary Player?

Can Brad and the Ben-Waa's sandbag their way to the championship for another year? (Not this year)

Will Big Jim with his New Twins, turn those Bad Boys loose on the rest of the field?

Will The Drunk Drivers again live up to their moniker as the drunkest bunch on the course? YES, LITERALLY, Dalmer!!!)

What does newcomers "Troy & The Trojan Horses" have up their sleeves (or in their bellies)?

Is it true that Holes -N- Poles has hidden away in training to regain their glory atop the Cup after last years lackluster performance?  (Maybe, but it didn't help them)

Will The "BeanCounters" audit the scorecards only to find themselves out in front, sipping Lager from the cup? (Nope)

Stay tuned............................... the answers to these and much, much more will soon be known!


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