What is a Yoot?

What exactly is a Yoot?



What exactly is a YOOT?


Putt in the rainRandy Gomez

Typical Northern Michigan "Yoots"



The "Great Northern Michigan Yoot Shoot" or "Great Northern Yoot Shoot" for short,  actually began in the late 1980's.  However it is officially listed as started in 1990 since no prior records were kept.  It began as a golf outing of one or two groups of long time friends that headed to Northern Michigan (Up North!) to Gladwin, Michigan to get in the last round of golf before winter set in.

All rounds in those early years were played at Sugar Springs Country Club, and usually only for one round.  The early pioneers were; Brad Gomez, Keith & Shelly Chene, Rick Rots, Darrin Raley, Randy Gomez and Paul & Kim Gomez.  In those early years growth was slow and the tournament remained the same group of friends with an occasional new "Yoot" joining every year.
Yooters   Somewhere in those early years it was decided before the round that everyone would play by certain "rules" that were normally not acceptable in "real" golf, and from there the Yoot Shoot was born.  ("Yoot" being borrowed from the movie "My Cousin Vinny", referring to "Youths")  Starting in the late 1990's it's popularity grew as friends and family started spreading the word and today numbers in the hundreds.

The Yoot Shoot - It is a tournament mainly for the fun of golf and being outdoors with your friends before "hibernating" for the winter.

Many dream about adding their name to the hallowed cup and fight for that sacred right every year.

Like the Yoot mascot, these boys are tearin' a hunk'o' pooles jerky.


This is a tournament that every person waits for the whole year...where the talk starts in the spring and continues up to the event...this is a tournament of friends, a tournament of YOOTS.




Yoot Shoot Logo
Original Logo - circa 1995


Below is a list of what YOOTERS have written in as their explanation.

Question: “What the Hell is a Yoot?”

Over the years, the meaning of “yoot” has evolved into what it is known today.  Let’s first examine the historical, and anthropolic roots; 


Yoot: (y o o t… like  r o o t) (anglo-saxon, borneo, burmese)
1. a small carbon – based unit, usually found in clusters.  2. Adolescent, traveling in packs.  3.  The expulsion of gas causing a specific sound (“Yoot”), from the female gender. 

As you can see…#1 & #2 have the most historical value for the members of The Great Northern Yoot Shoot (GNYS).  While descendants don’t exist to prove the exact meaning,  scientific efforts have shown the current meaning to be most accurate.  The golf tournament which started circa 1989, formed as a group of co-workers and friends, traveling to Northern Michigan for two day’s of scramble golf.  In these day’s, it was highly unorganized, and lacked the attendance, advertising, and press coverage as the tournament of today.


Around 1993, after a binge night of drinking, some of the members of this tournament were arrested in a small southern town for the murder of the owner of a small gas and convenience store.  Although they were innocent, they were in a heap of trouble, and luckily one of them had a cousin who was a big time lawyer in NYC.  Cousin “Vinnie”.  Well needless to say, when Cousin “Vinnie” arrived in town, a “whole lotta shakin” took place.  At first, the trial was not going so well.  Because of Vinnie’s New York dialect, the old southern judge had a hard time to understand poor Vinnie.  And after a few nights in jail himself, Vinnie soon found out how southern law worked.  Well ….about the end of the trial Vinnie pleading for his clients referred to them as “Your Honor, these two yoots, are innocent!”  And the rest is history.


Since being members of the original golf group, the name for them has never changed, and now pertains to all who have ever socialized, played golf, had sex with, drink, partied, extracted wheat germ, or darn near anything with one of the original “YOOTS”.  As you can imagine, this group encompasses a great number of people, from many different backgrounds now.  If we examine the “yoot”  annals, we can find Accountants, Engineers, Salesmen, Wagon wheel makers, Drug Pushers, Bible writers, and even fish! (Bass).


It is most evident however, that these “yoots” (as they like to be called) formed a pact to meet every year and continue the tradition of a golf scramble weekend in the North of Michigan.  This meeting takes place every year when the fall color change is at it’s peak, during the first weekend of October.  The weekend usually ends with the winners of the Great Northern Yoot Shoot hoisting “Lord Yoots Cup, and drinking from the beloved Cup!  (Usually the same skillful team every year)  The winners name is then emblazed on the “Yoot Plaque” and hung in the yoot hall for all to see.  You see, the GNYS has historical benefits & values for the all.  But for those who can truly, hold their heads high, take a deep breath, and say “ I am a Yoot”, it brings a special feeling.  Similar to the feeling one has when defending one’s country against thousands of Nazi SS officers & soldiers who are plunging through the streets of your hometown blowing every last brick off the buildings you called home, and having their way with your female loved one’s!!!! 


As Co-founding Yoot Keith “Titanium” Chene said “ A Yoot is a Yoot, and is always a Yoot”. 
Paul (Mr. Lucky) Gomez 
CEY  (Chief Executive Yoot)  (Yoot Co-Founder)

YOOT (Yute)1.(n) a period for the release of testosterone by several yoot-shooters where drinking beer, expelling gas and reckless cart driving is abundant 2.(v)The aimless chasing of a little white object that we never want to actually pickup, but, instead simply wish to hit it further away so we can chase it again while massive consumption of a brewed beverage occurs. 3.(n)An easterner's expression for any person under the age of 18. 


Karen Shearer (non-yooter) 



A yoot is a highly intelligent mammal indigenous to the Metro Detroit area. Although yoots are most common in Oakland and Macomb counties, they have been spotted as far north as West Branch  Michigan. Yoots are friendly by nature but can be aggressive when provoked. Their size ranges from as little as 100 lbs., to 220 lbs. during the fall mating season. The yoot diet is primarily jerky and schlongs in a bun washed down with mass quantities of barley malt. Yoots have a distinctive method of communicating amongst the clan which has been likened to a sustained screech of “fooooreee….” to warn of impending danger. Michigan yoots travel in small groups called “foursomes” and are very protective of  territory, sustenance, mates and “Lord Yoot”, the clan master. 

Other common breeds of the  yoot: 

  • Moot Yoots
  • Zoot Yoots
  • Cute Yoots
  • Loose Yoots
  • Boot Yoots
  • Hoot Yoots
  • No Nuke Yoots
  • Puke Yoots
  • Dude Yoots
  • Fook Yoots

And the most rare, Poop Shute Yoots 

Keith (Titanium) Chene (Yoot Co-Founder)


Yoot – young, often infantile human beings (under the age of 75) which because of the lunar cycle of the first full moon in October, mass together on northern Michigan golf courses for a weekend of golf, beer, beef jerky & stogie consumption. This mass gathering has often been compared with the “gathering of the wildebeest” on the African Serengeti Plains. Many of years the main routes up to northern Michigan have been awash in immense clouds of dust and debris which in some cases totally blocked out the sun causing a “nighttime” during the day. Scientists & scholars still don’t have an explanation of this phenomenon but one agreed upon theory is that these so called “Yoots” have a special gene in their DNA which brings them to them to this place every year. Italian scientist Gotta Havacure says of these Yoots “  These “Yoots” are very special people. It’s such a crime that everyone can’t be a Yoot. It brings a tear to my eye that I can’t be a Yoot.” 

YootShooter – a seasonal alcoholic beverage consumed in northern Michigan in the fall consisting of a large, iced mug of beer with a golf ball dropped into the icy brew. It is of tradition to pick up this mug and guzzle the contents completely, swallowing the golf ball at the end. Rumor has it that the next day when the body tries to rid itself of this golf ball, instead of the sound of the ball hitting porcelain the sound you hear is the sound of a ball falling in the cup and a large gallery applauding and yelling. 


Brad (Hooker) Gomez (Yoot Co-Founder)


What do YOU think a YOOT is?  What's YOUR Definition?  Send it in now!