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Hello, welcome to the
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Updates will start happening soon, as Paul now is assistant web-master !

("Damn that Bass %$^$&*%$....... He's always too busy!!!" - Your Beloved Director - Paul)

The 1999 "YOOT SHOOT" Champs

Congrats Boys!

1999 Yoot Shoot Standings, etc.
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Despite near freezing temperatures and a steady drizzle at the start of last year's Yoot Shoot, all teams arrived ready to brave the elements!
Thank you all for coming!   Oh, and
" Happy Birthday Jimmy ! ! ! "


1999yootshootgrouper.jpg (87427 bytes)
1999 Yooters

Don't forget to check out my little store on the web, maybe next year we can even sell the Yoot wear online who knows.?!?!


Yooters Who Missed The 1999 Cut but are back for 2000!!!
Welcome back Yooters!
yootpr17.jpg (1183 bytes)yootpr18.jpg (1226 bytes)


Has anyone seen this Yoot?  He has yet to turn in his deposit. We all miss him.  Anyone willing to donate to the "I want Todd at the 2000 Yoot Shoot" campaign please submit your donation.

yootpr16.jpg (1314 bytes)

OH BOY, if we run into foul weather one more year, our Director of Weather Procurement is FIRED!!! (That means you Brad!)
Check out Gladwin's current weather report


Yoot Shoot Special Brew for 1999!

These pages will be at this location only.  http://www.yootshoot.com

Disclaimer Notice & Purpose of this site.


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1999 Great Northern Michigan Yoot Shoot

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