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Lord Yoot's Cup





Yoot Cup updated to make room for more winning teams.

In August of 2002, the Yoot Board of Trustees commissioned the world renowned Cup Base designer Richard Rots to fabricate a new base for the Yoot cup more "in tune" with the era.  After nearly ending his life during the construction phase, Mr. Rots turned the old pine base into a "work of art".  Sincere gratitude goes out to Mr. Rots for his outstanding insight, perseverance and quick reflexes to duck out of the way of flying oak!

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 History of the Yoot Cup

Around the turn of the century, William Penn Yootenmiester, an accomplished silversmith, was commissioned for the forming of "Lord Yoots Cup".  It was fashioned from silver hand dug from the Colorado Central City Silver Mine, and formed into the shape now which everyone is so familiar.


The Cup was presented to the first Yoot in 1803, but there is some controversy as to why it was presented. (It is said that award of this cup, was due to illegal activities) The Cup was Lost somewhere around 1844.  It turned up in the excavation of the foundation for the home of Mr. & Mrs. Gomez, in Gladwin County Michigan in 1982.  It has since went under a restoration, and is now used for the famous "Great Northern Yoot Shoot".






Yoot Ass Award

The Yoot Ass Award is given to the team or person nominated for conduct unbecoming of a Yoot, leading themselves or comrades down the path to destruction!


A history of past winners coming soon!


Yoot AssYoot Ass
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New Look

Yoot CupYoot Cup

 Yoot Cup




The "Old" Yoot Cup

Old Yoot Cup
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