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Yoot Shoot Teams & Tee times

All names listed from left to right.

Saturday Tee times are in red.

Sunday's batting order will be determined by your teams performance on Saturday.
(Worst teeing first, best teeing last)

Ben & The Waa - Waa's  Team 1
Brad "Louie Kardanko" Gomez, "Big" Ben Bullen, Darrin "Da Steward" Raley & Rick "Shag me Rotten" Rots
wpe6.jpg (1116 bytes)
wpe4.jpg (1231 bytes)wpeB.jpg (1309 bytes)wpeA.jpg (1133 bytes)

Vegas odds 3:1
"Team has not gelled, two members haven't played"

Holes n' Poles Team 2

"The team everyone loves to hate"
Keith "Titanium" Chene, Shelly "King Cobra" Chene, Kim "Taylor Made" Gomez & Paul "Mr. Lucky" Gomez
wpe13.jpg (1346 bytes)wpe12.jpg (1328 bytes)wpe11.jpg (1316 bytes)wpe10.jpg (1337 bytes)

Vegas odds 2:1
"Team worked hard this summer,will Shelly show up?"


The Alcoholic Zebras Team 3
We're importing some Old Style 30 packs

Rick "Money" Michels, Rob "Edge" Roy, Randy "Halfshank" Gomez & Mark "The Hammer" Shuttleworth
wpe1D.jpg (1240 bytes)wpe1F.jpg (1313 bytes)

Vegas odds 5:1
"Employment woes has cast it's shadow of doubt"

Heavy recruiting by the Alcoholic Zebra's has paid off! 

The "Dreaded" Drunk Drivers Team 4

The team that drinks the most.
Scott "Bass", Ken "Konstant-tee-off" Kotenko, Matt "Hannibal" Stark and the infamous Jeff "The Surgeon" Dalmer
Scott BasswpeC.jpg (1366 bytes)wpeD.jpg (1363 bytes)

Vegas odds 25:1
"Going thru life drunk produces no winners"
Previous drunk drivers per year 95-1 95-2 96-1 96-2  97-1 98-1 99-1

B.O.B. & The Blackholes Team 5

Is it this weekend?  Where's Rodney?  ahhhhh?! duh!
Jim "BlackholeBobby" Caruso, Jim "TD" Hartfield, Ed "The Lock" Kratz & "Silky" Joe Colella
wpe4.jpg (1278 bytes)wpe3.jpg (1326 bytes)

Vegas odds 100:1
"Doubt's on whether team will BOB"
Vegas odds on JJimmy backing out increasing as the weather forecasts are coming in.

Big Jim & the New Twins  Team 6

"Although some arms had to be twisted, they are back to take revenge on those pesky feathery birds"

,Mark "Master Baiter" Gomez,  Todd "Gooseslayer" Culver, Evon "Happy Gilmore" Walker & Jim "Big Daddy" Walker.
Mark Gomezwpe16.jpg (1307 bytes)wpe17.jpg (1127 bytes)

Vegas odds 80:1
"Can Big Jim keep these two well fed?"

Golfers with Big Balls Team 7

Returning thong wearing veterans
Kevin "Aircraft" Carrier, Karen "Ball" Carrier, Terry "Triplet" Dzon & Tina "Porcelain Doll" Dzon
yootpr52.jpg (1336 bytes)yootpr50.jpg (1316 bytes)

Vegas odds 400:1
"Carries their own schnapps bottle"

The "hey were" Drunk Drivers "too" Team 8

The team that will drink 2nd most, hence the name.
Kevin "The Blade" Kotenko, Gary "Player", Joe "Begonia" Brinley & Brian "FirstBlood" Rambow.
wpe1.jpg (1053 bytes)wpe2.jpg (1216 bytes)yootpr41.jpg (1155 bytes)
yootpr43.jpg (1137 bytes)

Vegas odds 90:1
"A bird in the hand, doesn't make four"

Financing Fancy Pants  Team 9

"Just off their rookie season, they can taste the silver spoon....er ....cup in their mouths"

Jud "008" Street, Joanna "40 Love" Shea, Tony "The Tiger" Saunders, Amy "The Colonel" Saunders

yootpr38.jpg (1712 bytes)

Vegas odds 50:1
"Secret weapon "40-Love" debuts, will it work?"

The Bean Counters Team 10

"Veteran Yooters making a comeback after 1999 volunteering escapade"

Dan "Fullhouse" Felstow, Harold "Haberdasher" Burns, 
Ken "The Bear" Kubiak, Darin "Bobo" Beaupre

yootpr17.jpg (1183 bytes)yootpr18.jpg (1226 bytes)

Vegas odds 200:1
"Sharpening the pencils, will not be enough"

Troy & The Trojan Horses Team 11

"We're new for 2000 and something's up our belly.....!"

Troy "Dr." Dupuis, Dwayne "Dingle"  Dupuis, Mike "Sippin Jack" Daniels, Charley "Trojan boy 1" McMillan

Vegas odds 300:1
"An unknown, possibly the best sleeper"

The Cart girl Photographer

Stephanie "Joe's Babe" Miles, soon to be Brinley!
wpe2.jpg (1266 bytes)

Vegas odds 3,000,000:1
"Difficult to score well without clubs"

1999 Cart girl photographer Michelle is taken a break this year with her newborn baby girl Annabelle.

  Congratulations Rick & Michelle!


2000 Great Northern Michigan Yoot Shoot

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