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Mark Gomez
| aka - Snagger, Jighead, Masterbaiter | Big Jim and The Twins |

Inaugural Year






Profile & Scouting Report


Height: Depends on weight
Weight: Depends on height
Born: On a Planet far, far away

Scouting Report

Drafted By:
Yoot Photo & Video Committee

1999 year Highlights:
One of the Twins with Big Jim.  Kept his group in stitches all while stealing beer from Todds cooler! Was looking forward to the annual "Breakfast Pizza" donated by Big Jim to the Twins, but the pain, agony & disappointment of the missing "pie" threw his game to hell on Sunday.

The Long Game:
I like when I hook into a real long one. When the line starts screamin off the reel, it really just sends shivers up my spine.
We are talking about fishing aren't we?

The Short Game:
Those bastard Bluegill are always trying to steal my bait. Ya wanna know something real funny? Sometimes when I feel a little tug on the lure I violently jerk the the lure right through the little bastards eye! Sometimes it goes right through its head! Its cool. hahahahahahahahahahaha  
We are talking about fishing aren't we?

What about the enemies?
Hmmm.....lets see.......enemies......I guess it would have to be Babe Winkelman & Jimmy Houston or any other of those "Pro Bastards" that have their own fishing show. Ya see, ever since I was a little boy "yankin my crankbait", my dream was to be a fisherman and have my own nationally syndicated fishing show that could be seen in 144 countries, 15 different languages, around the world. I even had the name picked out. It was going to be called "The Master Baiter" which of course in Yugoslavian translates to "Mule Loaper".
We are talking about fishing aren't we? 

2000 Projection:
Since my favorite fishing partner "The Gooseslayer" has committed to this great tournament and will be back to join "Big Jim and the Twins", there will be not a boat in the lake that can out-fish us and  haul in the load that we hoist up into the scales to take the prestigious cup. 
We are talking about fishing aren't we?

SOURCE: Yoot Shoot Questionnaire

  Mark Gomez

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