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Joe Brinley
| aka -
BeachBoy, Begonia | The Drunk Drivers Too |

Inaugural Year






Profile & Scouting Report


Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 175
Born: At Night, But Not Last Night Baby!
Drunk Drivers (over a pitcher of our favorite draft I believe, or was that a keg?)

Scouting Report

2000 year Highlights:
With Steph in tow for sexual support, I was able to maintain my composure and lash out at my team to lift their spirits when all else failed!

The Long Game:
After stealing the Magic Hat …… errr…… 1 wood from Da Bulldog, all shots miraculously sail straight as an arrow and travel 260+ yds. Too bad not all shots require 260 yd drives.

The Short Game:
Putts mysteriously end up in the bottom of the cup but only after 6 putts, (1) 3 minute tirade, and all other Yooters are gone so the score card can be correctly scored to reflect par.

What about the enemies?
The only enemies of the DDII team are a slow waitress and an empty pitcher.

2001 Projection:
Gimmee my Begonia, baby, and stand back!  The cup is within our grasp!

SOURCE: Yoot Shoot Questionnaire

  Joe Brinley

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