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Paul Gomez
| aka - Mr. Lucky | Da Furor | YootCEO
Team: Holes-N-Poles

Inaugural Year




Profile & Scouting Report


Height: of my career
Weight: until you see our secret weapon this year!
Born: with a sand wedge in my hand
Drafted: N/A.  Yoot Forefather, Yoot CEO, Chairman of Yoot Site Selection Committee, Director of Yoot Goodie Procurement,  Director of Yootshoot Rules Implementation Team, Editor-in-Chief of the Yoot Post, Board of Directors on the Yootshoot Website Committee, Yoot Cup Cleaner & Handler, Co-Chairman of Holes n' Poles selection committee,  Volunteer for TRASH (Twins Run Amuck from Shooting High),  Author of the NY Times Best Seller "Chipping 'em in with Yur Eyes Closed",  Head of Household,  Parent in Charge on Tuesdays and Thursday's 4:00 - 8:30pm,  Co-writer of the hit songs "Handle With Care", "Chemo Dog", "Pink-Dotted Hindu Biatch" & "Bang Your Head Against a Flag Pole", Creator/Owner of the rights to the future band name of "Fidgety Steven", 2002 WWOG Champion, 2003 WWOG Champion, Married filing jointly. 

Scouting Report

2002 Season
An awesome opening round in the bar again! (Freakin Rain!)   If this happens one more year in a row I will begin to believe there REALLY is NO Santa Claus!

The Long Game
A portion of the 2004 Holes-N-Poles R&D budget was spent on a shiny new TaylorMade R580XD driver.  After some "unnamed" teams complained to the commissioner about illegal distances, the driver was confiscated and checked for cork. All test proved negative and the driver is back in my possession.  Fire and contrails can be seen from many fairways as the ball is launched into orbit with this club.

The Short Game
I wear a variety of custom made shorts to keep the ca-hoonies from interfering with the swing. 

What about the "Enemies" ?
My butt is Pearly white & made for kissin..

2003 Projection
The new "Tour Style" golf bag won from last years Team Long Drive contest is just the icing on the cake....Just have the beer cold when you pour it into my cup!

SOURCE: Yoot Shoot Questionnaire




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