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Brad Gomez
| aka - Louie Kardanko | Ben-wa & the balls |

Inaugural Year






Profile & Scouting Report


Years played: All! Even the strike shortened year of 1993. (Only 2 teams showed up!)
Height: A neck crickin 5’ 6" with my golf spikes on!
Weight: 130lbs. 5oz. with 2 golf balls (throw downs) in my pocket!
Born: With my brudder Paul. We was spit out with clubs in hand!

Scouting Report

Drafted By:
Did not enter draft. I am an original Founding Member. Now holds the G.N.Y.S. title of "Director of Publicity, Procurement & Mapping".

1999 year Highlights:
Waking up early on "Yoot Saturday" to build an Ark just in case I needed to put (2) Yoots on board to save the Yoot species from the deluge of rain. Then, like a sign from above that my courageous efforts to save the world were not in vain, the power from the staff of  Moses was cast into me and my teammates golf clubs, giving us the will and power to win the GNYS, forever enshrining us onto Lord Yoots Cup!

The Long Game:
It's amazing the striking power that is generated from a person that only stands 4' 8" tall. Taylor Made Golf has just introduced its Brad Gomez model "Little Man Bubble-Butt" Driver which has the new graphite shaft incorporating (2) bubbles. The galleries can usually be heard yelling "Way to go Little Man" right after Mr. Gomez t-bones one of his drives. 

The Short Game:
The first person on the GNYS Tour to use a Carbite Putter. Since their overwhelming victory last year and the whispering among the huge galleries following this group and witnessing their awesome putting power, 50% of players in the 2000 GNYS have thought about changing putters. One player has. 

What about the enemies?
People are probably just jealous of me because I have the cup, my Carbite putter, & really cool teammates that can golf mach 1. Does that make them my enemies? 

2000 Projection:
Barring any meteorological catastrophes from asteroid impacts on earth, Lake Huron tidal waves, Solar Flares that melt the polar ice pack, F5 twisters in October, earthquakes of #10 magnitude on the Richter scale at Thunder Bay resort, heavy lava flows from an undiscovered volcano in Gaylord, Ben-Wa & the Balls will REPEAT as champions to become the 1st GNYS champions of the new millennium. 

SOURCE: Yoot Shoot Questionnaire


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