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Brad Gomez
| aka - Louie Kardanko | Ben-wa & the balls |

Inaugural Year

Years Played

Last Year Played

Yoot Shoot Record Since 1994






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To start off, I think it would be a good gesture of all the Yoot’s to pay a tribute to dedicate or rename the G.N.Y.S. to the "Freddy G". G.N.Y.S. in honor of one of our "Fallen" Yoots "Mr. Freddy (Freddy G) Gomez.

Profile & Scouting Report


Years played: All! Even the strike shortened year of 1993. (Only 2 teams showed up!)
Height: A neck crickin 5’ 6" with my golf spikes on!
Weight: 130lbs. 5oz. with 2 golf balls (throw downs) in my pocket!
Born: With my brudder Paul. We was spit out with clubs in hand!

Scouting Report

Drafted By:
Did not enter draft. I am an original Founding Member. Now holds the G.N.Y.S. title of "Director of Publicity, Procurement & Mapping".

1998 year Highlights:
Last years vintage of Pooles beef jerky & the Busch Light was some of the best. We did miss our 70 – 80 degree days last year though. Jinxin the H & P’s team on the 18th green on Sunday to bounce balls back & forth across like a tennis match.
Here’s some Braggin: Champion of the 1998 Sugar Springs Member/Guest Tournament 5th flight which by unknown reasons did not help at the Yoot. A true Eagle on the par 5 hole #11 at The Dream on Saturday did get our team a chargin.

The Long Game:
Tends to have a slight or sometimes horrific hook. If on my game I can be rather dullfully straight with my drives.

The Short Game:
A good two-putt man. Can sometimes three putt which drives me to drink. Heavily.

What about the enemies?
I have no enemies. Just people I don’t like. Don’t heckle me around a fire.

1999 Projection:
Even though the formation of the eventual 1999 winning team is just a couple of electrons/protons in the cells of my brain, I do predict that we will be holding the cup victorious come October. Remember, I did get a new Carbite putter! I put my money where my strokes were!

SOURCE: Yoot Shoot Questionnaire


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