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Ben Bullen
| aka -
"Big" Ben, The Tower | Ben-wa & the balls |

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Profile & Scouting Report


Years played: 0
Height: 7' 11"
250 lbs of pure golf power
Born: With a club in hand, & a Macanudo Cigar in lip.

Scouting Report

Drafted By:
Brad Gomez, Budweiser, LaBatt’s, Miller, Coors but chose to stay with Mr. Gomez. Macanudo also gives "The Tower" millions in endorsement money to smoke their cigars.

1998 year Highlights:
Listened to Brads whining & pouting on how his team lost the 1998 GNYS. Really got sick and tired of it after the 2nd month. Put up 7’ fence between our houses after the 4th month. After 6th month, my bodily response was to start vomiting violently when he jumped the 7’ fence separating our houses. Decided to join his team to keep the little bastard from bugging me.

The Long Game:
Well, ya know what they say about people with big hands.

The Short Game:
You must be talking about that little pip-squeak Brad Gomez that lives next door to me and is always knocking on my door to play this or play that.

What about the enemies?
Since I don’t personally know any of the so-called "Yoots" except this one guy down the street they call "Topper", I really can’t say they are my enemies. I really do hate the crick I get in my neck looking down at all those small people. So, I guess all small people are my enemies. I will although have to make an exception for any members of my newly formed team that can’t see over the top of the flagstick.

1999 Projection:
If Mr. Gomez finishes all the projects around my house on time, I do believe we will have the talent, knowledge, and will to win this tournament.

SOURCE: Yoot Shoot Questionnaire


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