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Yoot Brewmeister Page

2nd annual Yoot Shoot Brew

On September 14th, the Fieldstone Brewery in Rochester, Michigan was reserved for the 2nd Annual Yoot Shoot Brew which commenced at 5:00pm sharp.  Two beautiful brews were selected & the Lemon Wheat even had a hint of Lemon flavor!  The bottling took place on the 21st, with many of the investor there to claim their prize.  When it came time to take the cases home, a scandal ensued.  It turns out that one of the investor whom owned the most stock, was short cased the Lemon Wheat.  One of the other investors "grabbed & ran"  with his goods before he had a chance to check what kind of beer was left.  If anyone has any information concerning the whereabouts of this scammer, please call your local brewpub.



2000 Labels

The winners of the 2000 Yootbrew label naming are:

Worm Burner Red

Thunderbay Thunder Thumper

Special brew just for King BOB!



2000 Great Northern Michigan Yoot Shoot

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