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2003 FAQ's


Will the Drunk Drivers go on to set a record 4 consecutive Yoot Shoot titles and tie the all time win record of Holes-N-Poles or will they falter from a general lack of interest in hoisting the cup and carrying on the tradition of partying afterward (which only one member managed to do the last two years)?

Will Holes-N-Poles regain their 90's dynasty as Mr. Lucky goes for the Grand Slam after capturing 1st Place in the 2003 WWOG Tournament? Will the Bean Counters come up with some accounting wizardry or will they be blowing steam just like their visit to Old Faithful?
Will Brad and the Ben-Waa's put it together for two straight days and will Big Ben share his Pro-V1's with the rest of the team to recapture the cup? Will the Alcoholic Zebra's, sporting a new line-up, be able to put their "Money" troubles behind them and will their new player Dave "Supa bee" Bemus add the one dimension they have been missing?
"Bobby Blackhole and the Pantyboyz"" has hired a CPA to keep track of their scorecard to avoid any sense of the word "Disqualification"...making them a lead for the 2003 Cup. Has Lulu of "Lulu Lumpkin & the Broken Shaft Boys" put her team through a rigorous summer training schedule to fix the broken shafts of the "Broken Shaft Boy's"?
Will The Barbers of Seville forget about winning the Yoot Cup and go for the new "Yoot Karaoke Cup"? After winning the 2002 "Yoot Ass Award", will the "Golfers With Big Balls" go for two in a row?
The "Drunk Drivers Too" got a late start due to the cold spring but have vowed to come back with a vengence when buying their 2003 Yoot Wear. Will Tommy of "Tommy and the Tutones" bring their secret weapon "JENNY" and is her number really 867-5309??
Will "The Brewers" show that a better batch of Beer comes from the perfect mix of all the ingredients?

What dark horse will "Troy & the Trojan Horses" bring to the 2003 Yoot?

Will  "The Manglers" set "Divot Devil" loose on the course making it unplayable for the rest of the Yoots, while leading them to their first Yoot Title? Will the Duffers, who are back together after a disastrous 2002,  talk their husbands into throwin' on the thong and making a run at the cup ?
Will "George & the Jungle" make a run for the cup even though their fingers are raw from slashing their way through the Jungle? The Beer Whores?  Newly reformed taking two top 5 finishers from last year making them the sleeper to watch for...on the local corner that is.
3-D or not 3D...that is the question, who are they and will they take our precious cup with them when they leave? Will Yoot rookies "The Lickety Splits" pray for cold weather as they have a hand up "scooping" to the cup in a cold weather environment?
After a successful rookie season taking the most prize money from 1 skin, the "Mudslingers" vow to buy everyone a drink this year...since the cup is a distance away.

Will "The McMullins" use their Fast Food Techniques and send everyone else to wait in the drive-thru line while they do an express B-Line to the cup?



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