Trivia Game 2003
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Think you know the Yoot Shoot?
Well here's your chance to find out!  Have fun and good luck :-)
Keep track of the number of correct answers then see the scoring chart below.

1. What Year was Stroh's Signature beer handed out on the 18th green?

2. Which Yoot was left to party his championship away while his team played games in their room?
Scott "Bass"
Big Ben

3. Who is "Topper"?
Bret Borton
He's a Queer
Roger Dukat
Dale Traver

4. Which course did the Yoot Shoot invade Saturday, Oct. 1, 1994?
Sugar Springs
The Dream (West Branch)
The Quest (Houghton Lake)

5. Who was seen aimlessly carrying a bottle of champaign down the fairways of Thunderbay in 2000?
Scott "Duffer"
Ed "The Lock"
Jud "007"
Kevin "The Blade"
Gary "Player"
Shelly "King Cobra"

6. Who has won the most Yoot Shoots as of 2002?
We ain't no weenie boys
Holes n' Poles
Drunk Drivers
Bob and the Blackholes

7. Who was NOT a member of the "Disqualified" winning team of 2002?
Jim Caruso
Ed "The Lock" Kratz
Darrin Raley
Jeff Sharkey
Jim Hartfield

8. What color of hair did Scott "Bass" have in 1998?
Blond with red blue highlights
Sand with Blond/Black highlights
Blond with red highlights

9. Which past Yoot course had the best Ham Sandwiches at the turn?
The Dream
Elk Ridge
Little Traverse Bay

10. What year did the famous Yoot saying "Happy Birthday Jimmy" originate?

0-2 Correct      You Yoot Dumbass! Study harder next time!
3-5 Correct      Walking around drunk in life is no excuse
6-8 Correct      Been around a few years, but maybe in a drunkin haze
9-10 Correct    Yoot Scholar!  Congratulations!




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