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Thursday Groupings & Tee times
(subject to change)

Last updated 01/15/2010 11:38 AM

Below are the groupings and designated tee times for the "Pre-Yoot" round Thursday Oct. 2nd on the Betsie Valley Course at Crystal Mountain

Please be at the course ready to go 20 minutes before your tee-time.  The Pro Shop is located in the Kinlochen Lodge, just a short walk from our lodging

Most teams are playing a scramble format, but you if your whole team agrees, you can play any format you want.  This round is only a warm up and will not count towards the official YOOT SHOOT score.

11:12 AM Paul Gomez, Keith Chene
  Al Porter, Jimmie Carr
11:21 AM Kim Gomez, Shelly Chene
  Dave Bemus, Jim Caruso
11:30 AM Randy Gomez , Rob Roy
  Rick Rots, Darrin Raley
11:39 AM Tom Caruso, Steve Shuler
  Brad Gomez, Ben Bullen
11:48 AM Eric Soboslee, Joe Brinley
  Scott Bentoske, Bill Fenwick
11:57 AM Dan Felstow, Ken Kubiak
  Ed Knauber, Greg Butkovich
12:06 PM Starters Time
12:15 PM Greg Shuttleworth, Mark Molea
  Kevin Kotenko, Gary Huitson
12:24 PM Harold Burns, Darin Beaupre
  Greg Wysocki, Rico Bertossi
12:33 PM Ken Kotenko, Kris Kotenko
  Jay Blackson, Mike Pionk
12:42 PM George Allen, George Allen Sr.
12:51 PM Terry & Tina Dzon
  Kevin & Karen Carrier
1:00 PM Jeff Sharkey, Ed Kratz
  Jim Hartfield, Mark Shuttleworth
1:09 AM Brian Turke, Darrin Costello
  Dave Call, Kevin Lee
1:18 AM Tom Kovarik, Steve L Lee Sr.
  Russ Presti, Dennis Ahrens
1:27 AM Steve J Lee
  Dave Maiorana, Dan Dayvolt

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