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Yoot Shoot Teams & Tee times
(subject to change)

Last updated 01/15/2010 11:38 AM

All names listed from left to right.

Friday Tee Time is 11:00am
Saturday Tee Time is 9:00am

Your designated starting hole for BOTH days is shown below.

Hole #1
Holes -N- Poles

"No longer the team everyone loves to hate"

Keith "Titanium" Chene, Shelly "King Cobra" Chene, 
Kim "Kiddo" Gomez & Paul "Mr. Lucky" Gomez

wpe13.jpg (1346 bytes)wpe12.jpg (1328 bytes)wpe11.jpg (1316 bytes)wpe10.jpg (1337 bytes)

Vegas odds 5:1
"Fresh off a stint with the PGA at the Ryder Cup this year, Keith "Titanium" Chene was instilled new direction from some of his "new" PGA friends...a sure fire shot at the cup"

Hole #18A
6 Balls & A Basket
"Following in Holes-N-Poles Footsteps"

Brad "Louie Kardanko" Gomez, Ranea "Godiva" Piava, 
Darrin "14 Clubs" Raley & Rick "Shag me Rotten" Rots

wpe6.jpg (1116 bytes)
wpeA.jpg (1133 bytes)

Vegas odds 6:1
"With their new acquisition, new life sprung into the step of both "Louie Kardenko"  & "14 Clubs", these boys hopes of the cup are runnin high...lets just hope they both don't develop a case of "Tippy-Toe Driver""

Hole #18B
The "Dreaded" Drunk Drivers 

Prior Three-Peat Champions!
The team that (used to) drink the most.

Scott "Hot2Trot" Bass, Ken "Konstant-Tee-Off" Kotenko,
Bill "Shotz" Fenwick & Kris "Tiger" Kotenko

Scott BasswpeC.jpg (1366 bytes)

Vegas odds 8:1
"Learning to play with the same line-up for the 3rd consecutive year...a make or break (up) situation"
Previous drunk drivers per year 95-1 95-2 96-1 96-2  97-1 98-1 99-1 00-1 01-1

Hole #17
The Alcoholic Zebras
Straight from the Yukon Jack Distillery!

Rob "The Edge" Roy, Randy "Halfshank" Gomez,
 Dave "Supa Bee" Bemus & Mark "The Hammer" Shuttleworth 

wpe1D.jpg (1240 bytes)

Vegas odds 10:1
""Supa-Bee" set his sites on the 2004 cup and came out strong in the spring but may have peaked too early..."Halfshank"...well...ummmm...I can't explain it, i have never seen anything like it"

Hole #16A
The Bean Counters

"Defending 2003 Yoot Shoot Champions!"
"Veteran Yooters ready for any audit and another drink"

Dan "Fullhouse" Felstow, Harold "Haberdasher" Burns, 
Ken "The Bear" Kubiak, Mike "Bloodsucker" Leich

yootpr17.jpg (1183 bytes)yootpr18.jpg (1226 bytes)

Vegas odds 3:1
"A spectacular showing last year in a rain shortened tournament.  Can they hold on for two complete rounds with a mass infusion of alcohol??"

Hole #16B
The Pantyboyz
A Dynasty falls and a new one comes to light

Scott "Ringer" Peterson, Jeff "The Shark" Sharkey,
Jim "TD" Hartfield, Ed "The Lock" Kratz 

Vegas odds 10:1
"Bobby Blackhole finally calls it quits with the longtime Pantyboy teammates ending a long era of confusion, and score-keeping debacles...will they bring the Cup back?? "

Hole #15
Drunk Drivers "too"

Drunk Drivers want-to-be's, want to be hoisten the Cup!

Kevin "The Blade" Kotenko, Gary "Player" Huitson, 
Joe "Begonia" Brinley & Mike "Coffin" Hoff.

wpe1.jpg (1053 bytes)yootpr41.jpg (1155 bytes)

Vegas odds 15:1
"With the one year layoff of "First Blood" Rambow, the Yootshoot may finally see the first warm weather in 6 years!  The bad weather streak started when he first joined the team?"

Hole #14A
Divot Slingers
Satan himself couldn't dig divots like this!

Darrin "Divot Devil" Costello, Keith "Mulcher" Lowery, 
Nick "The Destroyer" Friedrich & John "Mudslinger" Marquardt

Vegas odds 100:1
"Call the taxidermist and get that one mounted!  Boy does this team give a new meaning to PELT. A nice Pelt to hang over the fireplace!"

Hole #14B
The Duffers
Regrouping back to their original team after an experiment grouping last year went awry 

Scott "Duffer" Duffie, Laurie "Muffie" Duffie,
Todd "E.F." Suddon,
Paula "Ulva" Suddon

Vegas odds 80:1
"Reunited to make a run at the cup, this folly foursome have a few tricks up their sleeves and some fancy underthings....."

Hole #13
The Beer Whores
Marshmallow toting crew creates some "sticky" situations
Steve "Last Call" Lee Sr., Steve "Jay Are" Lee
Chris "Next Round" Lee & Kevin "It's On Me" Lee

Vegas odds 5:1
"A Lee family reunion right at the Yoot!  After a second place finish last year, this little reunion may carve their family crest in the cup! "

Hole #12B
The Barbers of Seville

"This Barbershop Quartet has been practicing perfect harmony for quite some time"

Marie "Ginsu" Caruso, Joe "Scissorhands" Caruso,
Sam "The Cutter" Ventimiglia, Anna "Blade" Ventimiglia

Vegas odds 100:1
"This Quartet keeps their clubs sharpened to perfection...the course never looked so groomed after they play thru"

Hole #12A
The Hatfields & McCoys

"Some Country Stompin, Rock & Roll Ass Kicken"

Mark "The Mangler" Gomez, Mike "Hacksaw" Coussens, 
Tom "I'm Gettin" Madden, Michael "Turbo" Jett

Vegas odds 200:1
"Drinking Moonshine and swinging clubs in the hills of Northern Michigan could start a feud the likes never before seen "

Hole #11
Troy & The Jungle

"A melting of two teams to create a drinking powerhouse!"

Troy "Dr." Dupuis, George "The Jungle" Allen, 
Ken "Tarzan " Klownowski, Charley "Trojan boy" McMillan

Vegas odds 200:1
"Build a still, and they will come...Golf?...Who needs golf?"

Hole #10A
Tommy & The Tutones

"Please call Jenny at 867-5309 for information on this team"

Tommy "Tutone" Caruso, Greg "Make'em" Hakim
Ed "Hob" Knauber, Greg "One Hitter" Butkovich

Vegas odds 90:1
"After taking the 2004 WWOG cup this spring, Tommy is planning on sipping the sweet nectar from the Yoot Cup...sometimes the nectar is not that sweet""

Hole #10B
The Lickety Splits

"This crew comes from a long background of ice cream cone twisters...if they can keep their hands "Sticky-Free" they may make a run at it"

Ron "Two Scoops" Steffens, Yvonne "Cream Puff" Steffens
Robert "Sticky" Nowicki, Debbie "Tricky" Nowicki

Vegas odds 300:1
"Virtually an unknown in 2003, they have raised their cones a notch and set their eyes on the top of the sundae!" 

Hole #9A
Lulu Lumpkin and the Broken Shaft Boys

"Seedy Mob recruited from the underworld bowels of Kentucky, Ohio & Illinois"

Greg "Bluegrass" Shuttleworth, Mark "M&M" Molea, 
Matt "Hitman" Heil, Renee "Don't call me Lulu" Heil

Vegas odds 30:1
"A respectable showing in 2003 has brought new enthusiasm into this crew...along with the birth of a future Yoot!  Lulu promised a shiny new sippy cup to the future Yoot!!!! "

Hole #9B
The Spartans

"Yoot rookies fresh from a rave at Spartan Stadium"

Jeff "Sparticus" Markstrom, Michelle "Verina" Markstrom
Todd "Brutus" Grischke, Deb "Eutropia" Grischke

Vegas odds 200:1
"Prefers Chariots over golf carts, and Spears over golf clubs...this crew eats with their bare hands and hunts Wolverines for fun...(Wolverines bite back though)."

Hole #8A
Fosters On Tap

"Foaming from the brim"

Jamie "Gimmee a" Foster, Mike "Happenin" Chapman 
Rick "Bullseye" Stillman, Austin "Powers" Stillman

Vegas odds 75:1
"To much head may prove to be nothing but air!"

Hole #8B
The McMullins

"Fresh off the fast food tour, they bring their griddle skills to the green "

Chris "Call me Dave" Thomas, Wendy "Drive Thru" Thomas
Lonnie "Mick" Mullins, Dawn "Twilight" Mullins

Vegas odds 300:1
"Able to drive a ball 275yds off the top of a griddle, and hit the ball within inches of the pin from a french fry bunker...throw a little grass in there and all hell breaks loose "

Hole #7A
3-D Or Not 3-D
"Heavily recruited, a lot is very secret about this team...a real sleeper"

Carlos "Da Truth" DaSliva", Todd "The Hintz Man"
Bill "Feely" Gentile, Jeff "Put Up Your" Dukes

Vegas odds 150:1
"Never wake a sleeping dog"

Hole #7B
The Brewers

"Formed from the Beer Whores, they Brew a better batch "

Russ "Fire Water" Presti, Dennis "Hops" Ahrens,
Gary "Malt" Johnson, Harry "Pint" Dayvolt

Vegas odds 150:1
"Cask conditioned for one year, they come to the party ready to tap the cup "

Hole #6
Bobby & The New Blackholes

Freshly off their honeymoon wearing nothing but a string of flowers around their necks...oooo-la-la!

Jim "Bobby" Caruso, Traci "20/20" Caruso , 
Joe "Harley" Fogolini, Laurie " Sidecar" Fogolini

Vegas odds 301:1
"They have to shake the volcanic ash from their shoes before even attempting their first shot...and what's with those brightly colored flowery shirts?"

Hole #5A
The Gumbas

"Plays with cement golf shoes, and always packing "heat"  "

Joe "Boss" Zannetti, Sarah "Confetti" Zannetti
Ray "Luciano" Kreucher, Karen "The Cleaner" Kreucher

Vegas odds 303:1
"Simple words...stay away, and don't look them in the eyes...if you find their ball, throw it in the middle of the fairway and say "Nice shot" "

Hole #5B
Last Call

"Drinks with the Brewers & Beer Whores until closing time "

Dave "Last" Call, Dave "Later" Call Jr.,
Eric "Jigger" Johns, Pat "O'Malley" McGee

Vegas odds 150:1
"Slurring, Stumbling, Drooling is no way to go through life boy's...but nothings wrong with a beer with the boys"

Hole #4
The Brunkhouse Gang

"A team that golf's together, sleeps together "

Richard "Top Bunk" Brunkey, Catherine "Bottom Bunk" Brunkey
Ron "Sleeper" Steffens, Angela "The Dream" Steffens

Vegas odds 350:1
"Plays in their slippers and nighties...a real distraction to the rest of the contenders...this one could be a real SLEEPER !! "

Hole #3
Over Easy

"Two Eggs over easy and some toast...A good start in the morning is the key to a good round "

Dawn "Eggs" Benedict, Jim "U-Don't-Know" Schmidt,
"Lightning" Rod Crittenden, Scott "Towels" Jankowiak

Vegas odds 100:1
"You can't go wrong with this philosophy, Mom always knew best!  Another Yoot rookie team with an eye on the cup...coffee just doesn't belong in the cup  "


The Cart girls, Starters, Photographers, 
Hole-In-One Score Verifiers, etc.

Stephanie "Six Pack" Brinley
Lisa "Southern Comfort" Rots, Dawn "Bailey's" Bemus

wpe2.jpg (1266 bytes)

Vegas odds 3,000,000:1
"Difficult to score well without clubs"


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