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Thursday Groupings & Tee times
(subject to change)

Last updated 01/15/2010 11:38 AM

Below are the groupings and designated tee times for the "Pre-Yoot" round Thursday Oct. 7th on the Fazio Course at Treetops

Please be at the course ready to go 20 minutes before your tee-time.  The Pro Shop is located at Treetops North.

Most teams are playing a scramble format, but you if your whole team agrees, you can play any format you want.  This round is only a warm up and will not count towards the official YOOT SHOOT score.

Tee Time Name
11:00 AM Darin Raley, Rick Rots 
  Mark Shuttleworth, Marc Molea
11:10 AM Paul Gomez, Brad Gomez 
  Mark Gomez, Randy Gomez
11:20 AM Kim Gomez, Ken Kotenko 
  Ranea Piava, Rob Roy
11:30 AM Greg Shuttleworth, Scott Bentoske
  Kevin Kotenko, Keith Lowery
11:40 AM Bill Fenwick, Kris Kotenko 
  Gary Huitson, Joe Brinley
11:50 AM Mike Coussens, Dave Bemus
  Michael Jett, Tom Madden
12:00 PM Tom Caruso, Ed Knauber 
   Greg Butkovich, Greg Hakim
12:10 PM Mike Leich, Harold Burns 
  Dan Felstow, Ken Kubiak
12:20 PM Jim Hartfield, Ed Kratz 
  Jeff Sharkey, Scott Peterson
12:30 PM Chris Lee, Kevin Lee 
  Steven J. Lee, Steven L. Lee
12:40 PM Russ Presti, Dave Maiorana 
  Dennis Ahrens, Dan Dayvolt
12:50 PM OPEN
1:00 PM Joe Caruso, Ron Steffens
  Richard Brunkey
1:10 PM Yvonne Steffens, Marie Caruso
  Catherine Brunkey
1:20 PM Scott Duffie, Laurie Duffie 
  Tracey Thelan, Chuck Thelan
1:30 PM Dave Call, Dave Call Jr. 
Eric Johns, Pat McGee

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