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2004 Results

Here are your 2004 Great Northern Yoot Shoot results:

2004 Yoot Shoot Champions: The Beer Whores

Here are of the stats from this year's Yoot Shoot, most of them are in Adobe PDF format.

2004/results/2004 Yoot Friday SKINS.pdf
2004/results/2004 Yoot Saturday Skins.pdf

2004/results/2004 Yoot Leaderboard Friday finish.pdf
2004/results/2004 Yoot Leaderboard Saturday finish.pdf

2004/results/2004 Yoot Leaderboard Final Stats.pdf

Team Long Drive Contest: The Drunk Drivers win with 659 total yards beating the next
closest team by 266 yds!
2004/results/2004 Long Drive Times Yardage.xls



If the leader board doesn't look right, download the Excel file by clicking on the year below;

2003 Results

2002 Results

2001 Results

2000 Results



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