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Todd Culver
| aka - The Gooseslayer | Big Jim & The Twins |

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Profile & Scouting Report


Height: 7’3"
Weight: 3 Stones
Born: can't remember it?

Scouting Report

Drafted By:
? Just showed up one day

1999 year Highlights:
Started the lead the chorus of "Goin down to the Saa-loon", around the campfire....& helped his new friend Kevin who was having a "difficult" time after visiting with Captain Morgan. Ya see, Kevin was mining for spice, and The Gooseslayer helped him dump his load of spice. Helped keep "Big Jim & the Twins" in the hunt for the cup early on with his "side splitting" comedy routine.

The Long Game:
Usually, very long periods of time elapse between sightings of the "Gooseslayer". Legend has it that because of his "Fowl" heritage he can be gone for up to 6- 8 months a year from the northern hemisphere and he is spotted on tropical beaches in the eastern Caribbean creeping around flocks of Canadian Geese with a driver in hand. Mysteriously, it is around that time of year in that area where massive "kill-offs" of the geese are found on area beaches. Around "Yoot time" he has actually been seen running down the fairway at full speed flapping his arms wildly, trying to "take flight" chasing his favorite "friends".

The Short Game:
I like the pool cue best on bent greens, but will deal with the hockey stick if the greens are Bermuda grass. 

What about the enemies?
I hate, come the fall, when they start to form large flocks, and fly in that V formation. It really irks me. In fact it pisses me off. I can't stand looking up and seeing that damn V. I'm going to kill those bastards! They wreck the sky! Where's my frickin driver!

SOURCE: Yoot Shoot Questionnaire

  Todd Culver

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