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Yoot Shoot Teams & Tee times

All names listed from left to right.

Friday Tee times are in red.

Saturday's batting order will be determined by your teams performance on Saturday.
(Worst teeing first, best teeing last)

NOTE: Please note that the 12:40pm & the 1:50pm tee times have been swapped!!!!

Click on each person's picture for their profile.

The "Dreaded" Drunk Drivers 

Your Defending Champions!
The team that drinks the most.
Scott "Pepperboy" Bass, Ken "Konstant-tee-off" Kotenko, 
Bill "Shotz" Fenwick and the infamous Jeff "The Surgeon" Dalmer

Scott BasswpeC.jpg (1366 bytes)

Vegas odds 99:1
"With the ringer having to stay in Detroit and deliver beer, this future dynasty just ended as Vegas scrambles for new odds....Wipe the tears boys"
Previous drunk drivers per year 95-1 95-2 96-1 96-2  97-1 98-1 99-1 00-1

The Alcoholic Zebras
Straight from the Cincinnati riots!

Rob "The Edge" Roy, Randy "Halfshank" Gomez,
 Rick "Money" Michels & Mark "The Hammer" Shuttleworth 

wpe1D.jpg (1240 bytes)wpe1F.jpg (1313 bytes)

Vegas odds 3:1
"Employment Transfers has cast it's shadow of doubt"

Holes n' Poles

"The team everyone loves to hate"
Keith "Titanium" Chene, Shelly "King Cobra" Chene, 
Kim "Taylor Made" Gomez & Paul "Mr. Lucky" Gomez

wpe13.jpg (1346 bytes)wpe12.jpg (1328 bytes)wpe11.jpg (1316 bytes)wpe10.jpg (1337 bytes)

Vegas odds 4:1
"Motherhood / Fatherhood has taken it's toll on this once Yoot dynasty"

Brad & The Ben - Waa's
"Always trying to sneak in the backdoor"
Brad "Louie Kardanko" Gomez, "Big" Ben Bullen, 
Darrin "Dr. Noone" Raley & Rick "Shag me Rotten" Rots

wpe6.jpg (1116 bytes)
wpeA.jpg (1133 bytes)

Vegas odds 4:1
"Big Ben was wound too tight and broke his back...will he be ready this year?"

The Bean Counters

"Veteran Yooters ready for any audit"

Dan "Fullhouse" Felstow, Harold "Haberdasher" Burns, 
Ken "The Bear" Kubiak, Darin "Bottoms Up"" Beaupre

yootpr17.jpg (1183 bytes)yootpr18.jpg (1226 bytes)

Vegas odds 8:1
"These boy's posted the second best score in the second round last year....was it a fluke or some skilled accounting practices?"

Bob & The Blackholes II

Newly formed with new Bobbers! 
Mark "Master Angler" Gomez, Jim "Blackhole Bobby" Caruso,  
Ed "The Lock" Kratz & Jim "TD" Hartfield

Mark Gomez

Vegas odds 15:1
"Doubts cast whether two members will "Skate" if the temps dip below 50 degrees - does Bobby have backups?"

The "hey were" Drunk Drivers "too"

The team that will drink 2nd (3rd?) most, hence the name.
Kevin "The Blade" Kotenko, Gary "Player" Huitson, 
Joe "Floppy Wrist" Brinley & Brian "FirstBlood" Rambow.

wpe1.jpg (1053 bytes)wpe2.jpg (1216 bytes)yootpr41.jpg (1155 bytes)

Vegas odds 80:1
"A newlywed has only one thing on his mind...will not even come close this year"


3 Yoot Rookies have undercover designed beer holders 
Al "Air" Porter,  G.Kelly "Knight-N" Day, 
Eric "Inn" Klein & Kevin "Bruce" Lee

Vegas odds 400:1
"All the trigonometry in the world couldn't help sink the putt "

Big Jim & the Jungle

"It's a Jungle out there!"

Evon "Happy Gilmore" Walker, Jim "Big Daddy" Walker
Rick "Toma" Hawk, George "Jungle" Allen.
wpe16.jpg (1307 bytes)wpe17.jpg (1127 bytes)

Vegas odds 100:1
"Intense late recruiting adds "the Jungle"..... but only monkeys can swing in the jungle & I don't see any tails here"

Golfers with Big Balls

Returning thong wearing veterans
Kevin "Aircraft" Carrier, Karen "Ball" Carrier, 
Terry "Triplet" Dzon & Tina "Porcelain Doll" Dzon

yootpr52.jpg (1336 bytes)yootpr50.jpg (1316 bytes)

Vegas odds 100:1
"Eats the worms from the bottom of the Tequila bottle"

Troy & The Trojan Horses

"Giving the Drunk Drivers a run for their money as the most alcohol consumed"

Troy "Dr." Dupuis, Dwayne "Dingle"  Dupuis, 
Mike "Sippin Jack" Daniels, Charley "Trojan boy 1" McMillan

Vegas odds 100:1
"Balls sliced on a 90 degree heading angle only appear straight with enough alcohol"

The 'Baiters

Yoot Rookies formed from the B.A.S.S. (Big Alcohol Saturated Swingers) Club. 
Dave "Crankbait" Cooper,  Dave "Da Other Brother" Stapels,
Kurt "Creme de" Krenn, Louis "Da Brother" Stapels

Vegas odds 100:1
"Besides smuggled beer, bags are loaded with spinners, crankbaits, jigs, & flies - point them to the nearest river"

The Duffers

These Yoot Rookies see 3-D 
Scott "Duffer" Duffie,  Laurie "Muffie" Duffie,
Todd "E.F." Suddon, Paula "Ulva" Suddon

Vegas odds 400:1
"This Top Secret Cell of Yoot Rookies have managed to keep a very low profile raising some concerns of possible Yoot espionage"

The "High" Rollers

Yoot Rookies have patented PVC shafted clubs 
Ron "Plumberboy" Trexler,  Dave "Goin" Dowhan, 
Mark "Lefty" Buckhave & Sherman "Mister" Rogers

Vegas odds 400:1
"Licensed plumbers unable to "drain" their putts as they "snake" there way past the cup!"

Financing Fancy Pants

"Can this team "borrow" the cup?.....HELL NO...it is not "loaned" Out!!!!"

Jud "Casey Martin" Street, Jud's Secret Weapon, 
Tony "The Tiger" Saunders, Amy "The Colonel" Saunders

yootpr38.jpg (1712 bytes)

Vegas odds 99:1
"Now if only this was a fishing tournament....!"

The Cart girl, Starter, Photographer

Stephanie "Joe's Babe" Brinley!
wpe2.jpg (1266 bytes)

Vegas odds 3,000,000:1
"Difficult to score well without clubs"



2001 Great Northern Michigan Yoot Shoot

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