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2001 FAQ's

WIll Mother Nature pummel us again with that freak-assed snow & sleet and put the pre/post Yoot weekends in the 70's with glorious sunshine & will the Yoot Shoot turn into a snowmobile weekend?

She had some mercy on us Friday but nailed us with snow/hail/sleet/high winds on Saturday

Has free agency really hit the GNYS, & will a secret weapon from FEC be drafted by a newcomer team?

Not this year, maybe next

Do any of the Troy & the Trojan Horses have any remaining living Liver tissue?

This remains to be seen

Will Bobby Blackhole seek free agency & finally be recruited on a team with golfers who prefer boxers over silk panties?

Some BOB's have redeemed themselves this year after last year's showing.

Will the real Shelly "King Cobra" make an appearance this year and guide their team to drink from the cup?

Shelly played long and hard but just could keep up the with Drunk Drivers and the Bean Counters

Since Darrin "The Steward" Raley survived the mass exodus at DCX, can he bring his team to survive to drink from the cup again?

Darrin did all he could to help his team, but without Brad they just aren't the same team.

After having the 2nd best score on a frigid, foul day at Thunderbay, can the Bean Counters find enough deductions to avoid an audit in the winners circle?

The Bean Counters kept the momentum they had from last year to propel them from 3rd place to a 1st place tie on Saturday only to fall to the Drunk Drivers in a first ever sudden death playoff match.

Is it true that Mark "Master Baiter" Gomez  reached a frenzied climax while reeling in birdie's with his new found partner Bobby B? 

Oh It's True ;-)

Has Jeff "The Surgeon" Dalmer created dissention among the Drunk Drivers with drunk, wild-assed remarks about "getting rid of the two caddies"?

NO, But he did have to strap on an extra heavy duty back brace on this year to carry not only the two caddies but his newfound chaufer.  Matt?  Matt who?

Can the Alcoholic Zebras repeat their fine showing on Saturday last year, and not golf like "The Bobby Jones Yoot Shoot Memorial Moon Pie Marching Band" on Sunday? 


Will the Golfers with Big Balls show up and compete after training long and hard during the off season?

Yes!  And did the off season training ever pay off!  With an improvement of 20 strokes from last year's effort.

After a sudden pull out of last years tournament due to an unconfirmed illness, will the "Gooseslayer" take flight again?


Is it true that Gary "Player" Huitson is only a fair weather Scottish Highland golfer, & did Kevin "The Blade" Kotenko cut one too many blades of grass last year?

Is it true that Ken “Konstantteeoff” Kotenko will have to find new teammates as the Drunk Drivers enforce their team rule of  “30 years old and out you go”? Will anyone ever have a bigger bar tab than Bass’s record tab of last year?

Will Stephanie “Beer Girl” Miles (Soon To Be Brinley) have enough beer and Jerky in her cart to quench the thirst and hunger of the 2001 Yootshooters?   Can Scott Bass's plan of getting the Champs super drunk the night before the Yoot work on his own team?

Will someone have a more "scenic" drive down the fairway than Dalmer's last year?

Can it be true the "Financing Fancy Pant's have acquired additional funding for a full blown hostile takeover of the Cup?

Stay tuned............................... the answers to these and much, much more will soon be known!


2001 Great Northern Michigan Yoot Shoot

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