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The "Official"
Yoot Shoot Team Picture Page

All names listed from left to right.
Select any player to see his or her profile!!!

drunkdrivers.jpg (29738 bytes)
The "Dreaded" Drunk Drivers Team
Scott "Bass", Roger Dukat, Ken "Konstant-tee-off" Kotenko, and the infamous Jeff "The Surgeon" Dalmer
(It never fails, we got a little tooooo drunk to play well, again.  Is that excuse getting old yet or what?)

team2bbg.jpg (24242 bytes)
We ain't no weenie boys Team
The team that was heavily favored by Vegas Odds.
(Turns in weenie performance!)
Brad "Trophy Boy" Gomez, John "Rand" McNally, Darrin "Da Steward" Raley & Rick "I ain't nursin" Rots

holesnpoles.jpg (24859 bytes)
Our Beloved "Holes n' Poles" Team
1998 Yoot Shoot Champs, again, again & again! :-(
Keith "Titanium" Chene, Shelly "Top Shelf" Chene, Kim "Burner" Gomez & Paul "Da king" Gomez

gooseslayer and company.jpg (24901 bytes)
Gooslayer & Company Team
Finished 3rd, 52 beers, 8 shots, 2 drivers, 6 halfshanks & 3 geese later!!!)
Rick "Money" Michels, Rob "Edge" Roy, Randy "Halfshank" Gomez & Todd "Gooseslayer" Culver

team6.jpg (22424 bytes)
Big Jim & the twins team
Yoot tour rookies, bring their own snacks & turn in respectable performance.
Dan "Skipper" Felstow, Harold "Hairy Side" Burns, Evon "Happy Gilmore" Walker & Jim "Big Daddy" Walker.

al's team.jpg (26524 bytes)
Al's Team
Had to darn armor plating to protect thyselves from incoming artilery from the Drunk Drivers!!  How can we golf under these conditions!?!?
Al "Air" Porter, Laura "Peas" Porter, Walt "I'm" Blessed & Carrie "Jello shot" Blessed.


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