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The "Official"
97.gif (23506 bytes)
1998 Champion's Page

Well, it's looks as though our beloved Holes n' Poles, aka Paul Gomez, Kim Gomez, Keith Chene, Shelly Chene have done it again!   Congratulations to this dynasty of a team, this 4 out of the past 5 year victories team, this horratiously STACKED team from the ubolistic hell team, this "I think we'll just win again this year" team, this group of 2 holes and 2 poles team, this long drivin', closest to the pin, pinkie ball losing team, this "What's a slice?" team, this>>>>>>>>>>

OK, enough of me rambling, let's here what YOU have to say about this team.
Shoot off your email and maybe I'll make a page out of it!  Don't get too brutal, they will see this
eventually.  OK, get brutal, if we can't beat them on the course then let's verbally abuse them!!
Speaking of which, we'll be hiring some professional hacklers for next years Yoot Shoot, ya JACKASS!!

As soon as I get a hold of some of this year's pictures, I will put them on here for everyone to enjoy!  Until then, enjoy, I mean, build some anger up for next year so we can beat these guys by staring long and hard below.

1998yootshoot-victors.jpg (53699 bytes)
The 1998 "YOOT SHOOT" Champs!


furor from the cup.jpg (26930 bytes)
The "Furor" drinking from the cup on 18th hole!


Here are the other, non-cup winning results of the 1998 Great Northern Yoot Shoot!

Saturday October 3 , 1998

Closest to the pin Winners: (2) Roger Dukat Team #5, Dan Felstow Team #6, & Rick Rots Team #2
Longest Drive: Paul Gomez Team #1
Pink Ball Winners : Team # 5 (Scott "Bass", Ken Kotenko, Jeff "Dalmer", Roger Dukat)  Still under protest I must add !

Sunday October 4, 1998

Closest to the pin Winners: (2) Jeff Dalmer (Team #5) Holes #5 & 15, Rick Rots Team #2 Hole #3, Paul Gomez Team #1 Hole #12
Longest Drive: Shelly Chene


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1998 Great Northern Michigan Yoot Shoot

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