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2002 FAQ's

Will the Drunk Drivers "form as a group" after dissention breaks up the 2001 group, then re-forms again after a long player search proves useless and a team intervention is ordered?  Nothing can stop the ever evolving Drunk Drivers!

Will Holes-N-Poles regain their 90's dynasty after the girl's make a promise "to pull the team through" in 2002?

The girl's kept the team in the standing but were defeated once again by the Drunk Drivers.  Maybe the Boys need to make a promise in 2003?

Will the Bean Counters come up with some accounting wizardry or was last years performance nothing but "Enron smoke and mirrors"?

The Bean counters were again up with the best of them.  No smoke n' mirrors here.

Will the team leader of Brad and the Ben-Waa's make it both days or will he again leave his team to wither in the dry, cold air?

Brad made it both days this year, but the team soreness towards him from abandoning last year must have still remained.

Will the Alcoholic Zebra's allow Randy to ever, ever putt in a Pink Ball putt off (what were they thinking?), and will they be able to keep him from spitting in everyone's faces?

I don't think the ZA's will EVER allow Randy to putt for them again and have put him in AA and SA (spitting awareness) classes this past year.

Bobby of "BOB & the Blackholes" says that "these guy's better perform this year or else!"...hmmmm, sounds like this team is jelling like 5W-30 in a hot engine on a hot August Day!

The Bobby Blackholes performed superbly this year minus the fact of forgetting to mark their drives.  OOPS! 

Will the broken shaft boys of "Lulu Lumpkin & the Broken Shaft Boys" keep their tempers in check & and put a smile on Lulu's face (and everyone else's) as she raises the cup over her head exposing her Lumpkins to the cheering onlookers?

Not this year, maybe in 2003?!

Will The Barbers of Seville show that this game is not all speed, length, & stamina but nothing other than who has the sharpest scissors?

The Barbers came in with a tremendous showing this year, showing this game isn't all that.

Have their Balls grown a little bigger since last year as the Golfers With Big Balls attempt to move up the "ladder of respect" at this years Yoot?

They must have grown because they were ballsy enough to try using a slingshot for their throw and get the 'Yoot ass award'.

The "Drunk Drivers Too" made a respectable showing last year although an insider released information that the team will disband "if this %@#$& cold rain, sleet, snow, & wind doesn't stop" for the 2002 event ....hmmm, the 2001 Director of Weather was fired this year.

Team dissention was too much to bear as it tore this team apart in 2002.

Will Tommy of "Tommy and the Tutones" keep his roadies in check and rock and roll their way for a night with Jenny (867-5309) and the Cup?


Tommy couldn't keep his partying, magic trick roadies in check in a bid for the cup.  Better luck in 2003!

Will Ted and the Show Macs bring enough power with them to induce the cup to a pile of molten metal?

The cold wet weather kept them from melting the cup this year.  Hopefully in 2003 we'll see some nice weather for a change!

What does Troy & the Trojan Horses have up their sleeves (or in their bellies?) for this year? (Something tells me it has a hint of alcohol to it)

Troy n' the Trojans fell into an alcoholic bliss early on and the rest is history.

Will the Manglers of "Mark & the Manglers" lose their cool and go into a alcohol induced psycho depressed state causing them all to beat each other with their own clubs? Or will they enjoy a comfortable day of relaxing golf?

Nobody lost their cool or beat each unmercifully about the chest neck in head.  Congrats boys! 

Will the Duffers, who split from their "better halfs" causing marital friction, be able to piece together their relationships after bringing the cup home to "ma ma"?

The Duffer's were unable to bring home the cup and rumor has it they will be rejoining the muffer's in 2003.

Will "The Tomahawks" make a run for the cup even though their fingers and hands are sewed together with the Yoot logo from the embroidery machine after running all the Yootwear at the last possible moment?

The weather must have caught this rookie team by surprise, still a good rookie year showing!

Well what can we say about the Beer Whores?  This team eats the caps from their bottles of beer and replaces it with a soft white marshmallow, then leave them littered upon the course.

No tell-tale signs of the marshmallows across the course this year, maybe in 2003?

Will the rookie team "Mudslingers" drink from the cup filled with a concoction of lightweight drywall compound & beer?

They don't need the stinkin' cup when they walked away with a two day skins awarded souly to them.  They accompanied poor bassie into town to drink from the cup with him because the other winning team mates would not go....once again.  WHY NOT is the big question here.  Maybe in the 2003 FAQ's.

Will the Muffers even want to return home to their paltry surroundings after receiving all the attention on the course...oh, and carrying the cup home in front of their dazed and confused husbands?

The Muffer's cared not about their score, drank silly, had a great time and wore their undies on the outside of their pants!



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