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Yoot Shoot Teams & Tee times
(subject to change)

Last updated 01/15/2010 11:38 AM

All names listed from left to right.

Friday Tee times are in red.

Saturday's batting order will be determined by your teams performance on Saturday.
(Worst teeing first, best teeing last)

The "Dreaded" Drunk Drivers 

Your Defending Back-2-Back Champions!
The team that drinks the most.
Scott "Hot2Trot" Bass, Ken "Konstant-Tee-Off" Kotenko,
Bill "Shotz" Fenwick & Kris "Tiger" Kotenko

Scott BasswpeC.jpg (1366 bytes)

Vegas odds 99:1
"Vegas doesn't like three-peaters nor dissention in the line-up...Internal team fighting will get you nowhere"
Previous drunk drivers per year 95-1 95-2 96-1 96-2  97-1 98-1 99-1 00-1 01-1

The Bean Counters

"Veteran Yooters ready for any audit"

Dan "Fullhouse" Felstow, Harold "Haberdasher" Burns, 
Ken "The Bear" Kubiak, Darin "Bottoms Up"" Beaupre

yootpr17.jpg (1183 bytes)yootpr18.jpg (1226 bytes)

Vegas odds 6:1
"These boy's lost the 2001 event in the 1st ever playoff match and are counting on not letting that happen again"

Holes- n- Poles

"The team everyone loves to hate"
Keith "Titanium" Chene, Shelly "King Cobra" Chene, 
Kim "Taylor Made" Gomez & Paul "Mr. Lucky" Gomez

wpe13.jpg (1346 bytes)wpe12.jpg (1328 bytes)wpe11.jpg (1316 bytes)wpe10.jpg (1337 bytes)

Vegas odds 6:1
"With the team setting a heavy practice regimen this year, look for them to show up in the finals...The girls are Back On Track!"

Brad & The Ben - Waa's
"Always trying to sneak in the backdoor"
Brad "Louie Kardanko" Gomez, "Big" Ben Bullen, 
Darrin "14 Clubs" Raley & Rick "Shag me Rotten" Rots

wpe6.jpg (1116 bytes)
wpeA.jpg (1133 bytes)

Vegas odds 6:1
"Louie Kardanko has severed a relationship and will try to renew his relationship with the cup...look for a sneaky showing from this crew...(I mean look at the Robin Hood hat in the pic above!)"

The Alcoholic Zebras
Straight from the Yukon Jack Distillery!

Rob "The Edge" Roy, Randy "Halfshank" Gomez,
 Rick "Money" Michels & Mark "The Hammer" Shuttleworth 

wpe1D.jpg (1240 bytes)wpe1F.jpg (1313 bytes)

Vegas odds 8:1
"A brilliant batch of Yukon Jack this year puts a dark cloud over whether this crew can survive the onslaught of spittle from Halfshank!"

Drunk Drivers "too"

The team that will drink 2nd (3rd?) most, hence the name.
Kevin "The Blade" Kotenko, Gary "Player" Huitson, 
Joe "Begonia" Brinley & Brian "FirstBlood" Rambow.

wpe1.jpg (1053 bytes)wpe2.jpg (1216 bytes)yootpr41.jpg (1155 bytes)

Vegas odds 15:1
"With the second best (2nd) round last year, this team is poised to make a run if they can make a first round showing"

Golfers with Big Balls

Returning thong wearing veterans
Kevin "Aircraft" Carrier, Karen "Ball" Carrier, 
Terry "Triplet" Dzon & Tina "Porcelain Doll" Dzon

yootpr52.jpg (1336 bytes)yootpr50.jpg (1316 bytes)

Vegas odds 35:1
"WOW...where did this team come from last year??? They say it was no fluke and have spent countless hours at their game... watch out for this sleeper"

The Duffers

These Yoot Veterans see 3-D 
Scott "Duffer" Duffie, Chuck "Cee Tee" Thelan ,
Todd "E.F." Suddon, Chris "Sea Tea" Thomas

Vegas odds 50:1
"Odds dramatically increased as team / player trades are conducted just before the deadline for a run at the cup!"

Bobby Blackhole & the Pantyboyz

With another new Bobber! 
Jim "Bobby Blackhole" Caruso, Jeff "The Shark" Sharkey,
Jim "TD" Hartfield, Ed "The Lock" Kratz 

Mark Gomez

Vegas odds 25:1
"Sharks like to breed in warm waters...there is no warm water in the Yoot"

The Beer Whores
(formally The Geaks)

Marshmallow toting crew creates some "sticky" situations
Russ "Fire & Water" Presti,  Dennis "Hops" Ahrens, 
Gary "Malt" Johnson & Kevin "It's On Me" Lee

Vegas odds 200:1
"Marshmallows and beer don't mix so don't operate Heavy Equipment (Driver) "

The Barbers of Seville

"New recruits come with their scissors sharpened"

Marie "Ginsu" Caruso, Joe "Scissorhands" Caruso,
Steve "Last Call" Lee, Steve "Jay Are" Lee JR.

Vegas odds 100:1
"Ready to "cut" a few strokes off their score and make an impressive rookie season... Free Haircuts on the 18th hole!"

Mark & The Manglers

"Newly recruited members for this veteran Yoot"

Mark "The Mangler" Gomez, Darren "Divot Devil" Costello, 
Al "Air" Porter, Brian Turke "182"

Vegas odds 200:1
"Costello meets the Manglers?  It never got released but Turk 182 did...a real Hollywood story but won't carry over to the links...a longshot at best"

Troy & The Trojan Horses

"Giving the Drunk Drivers a run for their money as the most alcohol consumed"

Troy "Dr." Dupuis, Dwayne "Dingle"  Dupuis, 
Mike "Sippin Jack" Daniels, Charley "Trojan boy 1" McMillan

Vegas odds 100:1
"Build a still, and they will come"

Tommy & The Tutones

"Please call Jenny at 867-5309 for information on this team"

Tommy "Tutone" Caruso, Eric "Copperfield" Saboski
Ed "Hob" Knauber, Greg "One Hitter" Butkovich

Vegas odds 200:1
"Sure to give the drunk drivers a run for the " 'cohol cup...but watch out for the magic tricks from Copperfield"

The Tomahawks

"Yoot Rookie last year brings own team up to scalp the field"

Rick "Toma" Hawk", Rick Hawk #2, 
George "Jungle" Allen, George "Pops" Allen

Vegas odds 100:1
"Masters with the needle and thread, but an unknown in the fairway" 

Lulu Lumpkin and the Broken Shaft Boys

"Seedy Mob recruited from the underworld bowels of Kentucky, Ohio & Illinois"

Greg "Bluegrass" Shuttleworth, Mark "M&M" Molea, 
Matt "Hitman" Heil, Renee "Don't call me Lulu" Heil

Vegas odds 50:1
"Be careful of this sleeper...Contracts are by all means not out of the question with this organization... please pick up any broken shafts and return them to Lulu"

Ted and the Show Macs

"High Frequency Yoot Rookies "

Ted "Show Me" Szczomak, Mary "Quite Contrary" Szczomak

Vegas odds 200:1
"High Tech clubs made of water cooled copper may electrify the field"


"Mudslinging Yoot Rookies as dirty as they come"

Nick "The Destroyer" Friedrich, Joe "The Cleaner" Sienkowski 
John "Mudslinger" Marquardt, John "One Coat" Sienkowski

Vegas odds 250:1
"Will tee off shortly after filming their first "Got Milk" Commercial....will have to wipe the milk mustache off before swinging their first club... a Vegas longshot"

The Muffers

"These Yoot Rookies are sure to please "

Laurie "Muffie" Duffie, Tracey "Tee & Tee" Thelan 
Paula "Ulva" Suddon, Wendy "Drive Thru" Thomas

Vegas odds 500:1
"A late Team/Player trade creates a distraction in field, but a long shot for the cup "

The Cart girls, Starters, Photographers, 
Score Verifiers, etc.

Stephanie "Six Pack" Brinley, Clarrise "Shots" Barber,
Lisa "Southern Comfort" Rots

wpe2.jpg (1266 bytes)

Vegas odds 3,000,000:1
"Difficult to score well without clubs"


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