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Scott Bass 2000
Scott Bass 1999






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Scott Bass
| AKA - Bass, Flingerboy, Sinker | The Drunk Drivers |

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Profile & Scouting Report


Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 161lbs.
Born: Yes I was, I mean 9/24/71

Scouting Report

Drafted By:
N/A One of the original creators of the Drunk Drivers

1999 year Highlights:

With the most losses on the Yoot tour, Bass came to play.  Too bad it wasn't golf!   Although he led the Drunk Drivers in most beers drank, his putting cost the DD's the tournament.  An eerie apparition was heard by Bass saying  "you gotta hit the ball Bass, you can't be short" causing Bass severe mental breakdowns.

The Long Game:
Bass's long game consists solely of how many fairways he must cross to find his tee shot.  Other than that, Bass if a definite 'observer only' from the tees.   Although years back, the Yoot committee toyed with a D.W. (designated women) rotation enabling him and Topper to hit from the ladies tees, it was dropped after they were seen as a "threat" to toppling the dynasty Hole's n' Poles team.

The Short Game:
Bass has been seen taking a perfectly good ball and 'skulling' it into a ubolistic hell !  That's cutting a ball in half to anyone who didn't understand that.  As for putting, Bass recently purchased a new Carbite putter after seeing what it did for Brad Gomez's putting in the 1999 Championship. He is now reportedly "catching fire" as he is just now getting used to the "gimmick putter". He plans by October to be anchoring his team on the putting greens, bombing in 25 footers to help bring his team to the winners circle. In a recent article in Northern Golfer Magazine he said this "Oh dude, It really, really does work. I can even close my eyes as I strike the ball and even if you miss-hit it, it will go towards the hole. Its awesome dude. Rock the house."

What about the enemies?
Bass believes the only enemy for his team, is the heat of the sun and how fast it melts the ice which maintains the temperature of the Drunk Driver's lifeblood, BEER.  Also mentioned that the Yoot Shoot should avoid courses not allowing coolers onto the course.

2000 Projection:
Bass does not want the "Most losses in Yoot history" record and plans to do something about it.  He has purchased a new wedge and plans to improve his short game......if that doesn't work, he has learned to crack the top off of any twistless bottle with it in less than 2 seconds.  Or he can beat box off a box - o - wine without harming the precious contents. For a stroke of luck before the big weekend, the Glib & him are planning to get drunk, pull each others clothes off, and pierce themselves silly around the head, neck and chest area's. 

SOURCE: Yoot Shoot Questionnaire

  Scott Bass 2000

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