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Ken Kotenko 2000
Ken Kotenko 1999






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Ken Kotenko
| aka - Konstanteenov, Slice-a-Rooney | The Drunk Drivers |

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Profile & Scouting Report


Height: 6-0
Weight: 185 - 225lbs.(Depending on what is needed at the time, very mysterious)
Born: Royal Oak, MI
Drafted: By a drinking "CHUM" who plays the low notes.

Scouting Report

1999 Season
My equipment held me back.  I vow never to let this happen again.   Wait and see.

The Long Game
Kotenko is not consistent off the tee or into the green.  However, he has been know to drive a 300yard plus par 4 pin high. Could this be the next John Daley? If his alcoholism is a sign then the answer is yes. When the ball happens to find its way into the rough, which is not rare, it always seems to mysteriously wind up having a better lie than in the middle of the fairway, imagine that.

The Short Game
Does that putter have a gps/laser guided attack unit built in? Come on, nobody can be that good and the chipping he does, All I can say is that if the ball lands within 50yrds of the green he only needs to chip, no putting required. What a display of touch and the ability to read any situation. Some think he is the only reason why the Drunk Drivers are favored to win the cup this year. But Mr. Kotenko’s modesty puts it all into perspective, he was quoted giving the team their dues and he also stated that he comes to play for the team and the team only. This is not a one man show. Others will disagree after seeing him play in the 99’ GNYS.

What about the "Enemies" ?
Enemies, what a word. This man has no enemies, with his laid back light approach to the game,  people around him can not help it but to like him. However, those not on his team, come the GNYS, should back themselves into a corner and watch out. He is so unpredictable that the GNYS committee has had to bring in extra security and some undercover U.S. Marshall’s. I would not want to be on the opposing team this year.

2000 Projection
With my golf equipment capital purchases this year, I guarantee a victory & the Cup.  However, I worry that my serial killer teammates will take a "liking" to me.

SOURCE: Yoot Shoot Questionnaire

  Ken Kotenko 2000

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